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Design 360° 2015 issues
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Since 2014, Design 360° relaunched into a new editorial approach from Designer's perspective. Thematic issues such as "Designer's Archive"(N.49), "Design Manifesto"(N.50), "Designer's Typeface"(N.51), Designer at Work"(N.52), "Designer's Collection"(N.53) and "Designer's Travel"(N.54) successfully attracted the attention in Asian design community. The themes continued in 2015 with recent issues "Designer's Photography"(N.55), "Designer's Music"(N.56), "Designer for Food"(N.57), "Design Academy"(N.58), "Designer's Lookbook"(N.59) and "Design Week"(N.60). The new editorial direction penetrates design and daily lives, acting out with the spirit of "Living with Design", whereas the new features provided an integrated and brand new in-depth angle looking at designs/designers around the world. Design 360° re-designed format follows the idea and editorial principle of the magazine - structuring the contents different layers and perspective with openness. The three books vary in small, medium and big format, bind together to become the entity of magazine, perceiving the cutting edge in terms of publication format and design. The new editorial design combines both Chinese and English typographic approach, gives a sense of contemporary Asian design in its appearance. Different weights of paper chosen for the new magazine also considered giving a light and relaxing reading experience to the readers, echoes with the "Living with Design" spirit of the magazine. In addition to format, The "Designer's Music"(N.56) issue start inventing multimedia interaction, linking external content through QR-code to different platforms. The is stepping up to bring multi-dimension experience to the readers. Design 360° has a remarkable increase in circulation after the newly launched content and format, its readers and markets keep expanding from Asia to even Europe. Cities in Asia like Korea and Japan shows an increasing attention to Design 360° as a navigation for Asian Design through subscription and following its social media, while cities in Western and European countries subscribe the magazine as a window and bridge connects to Asia and appreciate Asian designs. The ever expanding audiences generated a mass circulation.
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